Safer patient care, powered by AI

Verso Vision gives nursing staff an extra set of remote, AI-eyes allowing them to be there for patients 24/7.

AI automatically analyses visible human actions in video signal.

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AI alerts staff automatically as soon a patient is attempting to get out of bed.

Artificial intelligencePatented human activity detection and recognition

AI/ML model development is at the core of what we do. Off-the-shelf AI or computer vision solutions rarely work in real and complex care environments. Our solution does, thanks to years of experience with hospitals and nursing homes, constant machine learning development, testing, alterations and maintenance of multiple model libraries and data.

Verso’s patented human activity detection and recognition technology is uniquely positioned to meet the challenging needs facing healthcare professionals.

SoftwareGlobally scalable computer vision software

The core of Verso deep tech lies in the data experience we have accumulated, adjusting available modern toolsets to our benefit, and our unique, tailored algorithms. We use modern container-based continuous delivery methods that ensure freedom of integration and end-customer deployment, be it cloud-based or on-premise. We deliver quality high-tech patient safety for a range of care providers globally.

There are endless development and use case possibilities for Verso algorithms and computer vision software in a range of fields – all with the goal of making our future safer.

AI automatically analyses visible human actions in video signal – no one monitors the video stream.

Privacy and safetyBuilt to protect

The privacy of every patient is always respected. Verso AI analyses situations and spaces automatically and sends alerts without anyone personally watching the patient.

  • Anonymous pattern recognition and secured lines support patient privacy.
  • GDPR compliant data processing.
  • No data is saved or seen, only real-time generated alerts of risky situations.
  • Unobtrusive, contactless, no wearables needed.