Our Mission

We are a trailblazer that’s using AI vision technology to make care safer. We are paying back our elder generations for the care they’ve given us, enable them maintain their safety, wherever they choose to live.

Company A healthtech AI vision company

Verso Vision’s fall-prevention solution and software uses video analytics and AI to deliver fall-prevention for healthcare, care, safety and other fields. Our solution identifies and monitors human actions and movements, sending automatic alerts through a safety system when a risk or danger is detected.


Developed in FinlandA Nordic country with world-class healthcare and high focus on health tech and digital health.

Strong backgroundRoots in global industrial machine vision. Innovative product development in healthcare since 2016.

In hospital production use since 2017Originally developed with one of the largest hospital groups in Europe, Helsinki University Hospital. Years of experience in wide production use in care facilities.

Versatile use casesMultiple future development possibilities in healthcare and other sectors.

Company cultureVerso Values

We accomplish our mission by working according to our values:

  • Honesty, trust and respect
  • Customer focus
  • Learning and development
  • Courage
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Transparency and metrics
  • Sustainability

Social impactCaring for those who have cared for us

The ageing population is a challenge the whole world must face. We believe it is also an opportunity to care for those who have cared for us all. Our technology is designed to keep elderly patients and loved ones as safe and independent as possible. That is something we’re very proud of.

We are hiring!Join us. Let´s make care safer with cutting-edge AI

Verso is growing globally and we need people with passion to help and work with us to accomplish our mission.

We offer:

  • Interdisciplinary and purposeful work
  • A seat in a story of high social impact
  • Great people to work with and lots of fun!

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Resellers and IntegratorsWould you like to provide your customers a winning product that makes world better? We are looking for active resellers and integrators globally in a range of markets.

Technology PartnersWould you like to develop new features and products with Verso? We are looking for example technology partners globally to further develop home care product with us.

Technology SpecialistsWe are looking for passionate and talented frontend, backend, full stack, ML, testing, sysadmin, BI/analytics and cloud engineering professionals. We need you, come and join us!

Business and Service ProfessionalsAre you a sales, marketing, finance and/or healthtech pro looking to do meaningful work with purpose? We would love to hear from you!

“I feel very inspired and motivated about Verso´s potential to help frail people and society. Being able to combine AI and traditional professional care work keeps on fascinating me every single day at work.”

Katja Taalas
CEO & Founder,
Verso Vision


“Being part of the Verso team enables constant personal and professional growth in a field I’m passionate about. It’s exciting to develop state-of-the-art technology with a tangible impact on people’s wellbeing.”

Lauri Laaksonen
Lead Scientist,
Verso Vision