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Verso has accumulated over 500.000 active patient surveillance days in hospital production use, delivering safer care and helping nurses every day.

References Hospitals and Elderly care


Alpha Global, Australia / APACCurtin Heritage Living – Aged Care

Curtin Heritage has been providing quality services to older members of the western Australia for over 40 years. Curtin Heritage were in the process of building their new Marine Views Aged Care facility in Cottesloe, WA which features over 120+ beds and updating Riversea in Mosman, a specialist facility for residents with dementia (44 beds). As part of this new build came a new era of resident safety and monitoring processes the organisation wished to implement to provide innovative care outcomes that also supported the organisation’s care operations and staff. Read more about Verso (with Digital Angel -name) user experiences here:

Reference: HUS, FinlandDevelopment Partner Helsinki University Hospital

Helsinki University Hospital is one of Europe´s largest hospital groups with 23 hospitals and 25,000 healthcare professionals. HUS was ranked as the world´s 21st best hospital in American Magazine Newsweek´s published list of the best hospitals in the world in 2021. HUS invests on new technology development and patient safety.

Verso Vision has been developed and tested for years in various wards in close cooperation with HUS Helsinki University Hospital. Verso has been in wide hospital production use in HUS hospitals since 2017.

Reference: Espoo Hospital, FinlandVerso running in all 225 Espoo Hospital patient rooms

Espoo Hospital is a new modern rehabilitation hospital in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland. Verso Vision has been running in all 225 Espoo Hospital patient rooms in production use since the hospital´s opening in 2016. Verso automatically alerts nursing staff to risky situations and creates over 20,000 preventative nurse interventions annually, effectively preventing falls, accidents and wandering.

“We take patient safety and fall prevention very seriously. After installing Verso, we analysed the results with our clinical team. Falls reduced and we were happy with the raised quality of care.”

Marleena Ruutianen
Medical Device Administration Advisor,
Kuopio University Hospital


“There is a wide need amongst our hospital and aged care customers for tested and functioning fall prevention and detection system. We are very excited to partner with Verso Vision and help to provide safer and better quality care to everyone.”

Anna-Maija Väinämö
Healthcare Unit Manager Loihde Trust,
Verso Vision Reseller


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